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Best hygiene products in
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MS Gold
is the result of our commitment
to the highest standard.

The complete MS Gold assortment consists of top of the line hygiene products. Every product is the fruit of continuous innovation & development and many years of experience. The MS Gold label is only awarded to products that outperform the highest standards in the specialized hygiene applications that we find in the livestock industry. Professional livestock companies choose MS Gold products for their proven effectiveness in optimizing hygiene conditions, animal health and profitability.

The MS Gold product range consists of the very best hygiene and care products, created with livestock farmers, for livestock farmers.

  • Quality: All our MS Gold hygiene products are developed, tested and produced in-house to guarantee the highest quality
  • Innovation: We set the industry standards with each new product release or innovation cycle
  • Future-proof: Improve animal health and profitability while reducing antibiotic use

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The current use of antibacterials accelerates the development of antimicrobial resistance. It is therefore important that we limit the use of these medications so that resistant bacteria cannot progress. Because livestock farms use 80% of all antibiotics, it is of the utmost importance to reduce the infection pressure. By preventing disease we prevent the use of antibiotics.

To help livestock companies across the globe achieve this, we developed HyCare: the hygiene management method that leads to the highest level of hygiene management.

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The Schippers Group
Let’s beat AMR
with HyCare

The Schippers Group mission is to help livestock farmers optimize farm hygiene, eliminating the need for antibiotics while increasing animal health and profitability. We do this by developing knowledge, services, and products to improve hygiene in livestock farms and cooperatives around the world.

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